The way to make any great soup or stew is from a good stock or broth and the very best
come from using left over carcasses, bones, fish parts and shells. This is the stuff that
usually gets chucked in the trash after every good barbecue, steak dinner, Sunday
chicken or holiday turkey or ham. A restaurant never throws away the profits, and soup is
pure profit and it usually becomes the "Soup du Jour" . If I am not eating at home, (even
from a restaurant) I always ask if I can have the chicken or turkey carcass, steak or ham
bones and especially the shrimp heads and shells to take home. There is so much flavor
going to waste here that with a little time and some water, vegetables
and some seasoning, you can make delicious home made soups for the family. My
mother  grew up during the depression so she knew the value of being frugal. She would
always carry bags in her purse for her collections and explained that it was for the dog.
Well us dogs always ate well.

Collect and freeze them until you have enough or if you have a large turkey or chicken
carcass, (or even a little one) you can make a great stock or soup with enough to freeze
for another meal or 3. There is always plenty of meat and flavor left on these bones so
don’t discard them, save them.

Now don’t stop there, start saving your vegetables scraps also. Carrot and celery ends
with leaves, parsley sprigs, onion ends, left over corn on the cob etc. Just put then in a
freezer bag and when you have enough, add them to your bone collection and make
some great tasting soup.