Spinach Au Gratin


1 10 oz Box Frozen Leaf Spinach
3 Cloves Sliced or Diced Garlic
¼ Cup of Olive Oil
Salt, Pepper and Red Pepper flakes to taste
3 Tbl of Butter
2 Tbl of Flour
1 Cup of  Milk
½ Cup  Shredded Pecorino-Romano Cheese
¼ Cup of Buttered Bread Crumbs
¼ Tsp of Pepper
¼ Tsp of Salt

Step 1
Defrost spinach if frozen. Heat oil in a sauté pan on medium high heat and then add the garlic, frying it until just
slightly tender. Add spinach and mix well and add seasonings. Cook spinach until tender.

Step 2
Melt 2 tbl of  butter in another pan and blend in flour and seasonings and stir until mixture is smooth. Remove
from heat and stir in milk. Return pan to the heat bringing it to a boiling, stirring constantly  for 1 minute. Add
cheese, stir until melted. Fold cheese sauce into cooked spinach. Put into a Gratine dish or a shallow casserole

Step 3
Mix bread crumbs to 1 tbl of softened butter and spread them on top of the spinach and place it into a 350 degree
pre-heated oven until bread crumbs are crusty and golden brown. Yield serves 2-4