Shellfish Paella


10 - 12 Medium Shrimp Peeled & Cleaned
10 - 12 Mussels in the Shell
10 - 12 Clams in the Shell
1 Can of Lobster Meat
2 Cups of Fish or Chicken Stock
1 Medium Onion Diced
2 Celery Stalks Diced                                     
1 Red Bell Pepper Diced
3 Lrg Garlic Cloves Crushed                                    
½ Cup of Peas Frozen or Fresh                                   
2 Tsp of Annatto Powder
½ Cup of Olive Oil                                            
½ Tsp of Paprika
2 Cups of Long Grain Rice
1 Cup of Dry White Wine
1 Large Lemon
1 Tsp Red Pepper Flakes
1 Tbl of Chopped Cilantro                                 
Black Pepper to Taste
Salt to Taste

Heat a large round paella pan or any large pan with a lid. Add the olive oil and the annatto powder and blend the
oil until it has turned a nice shade of red. Be careful not to burn the oil or else it will turn bitter. If this happens,
discard oil and start again

Add the onion, celery, garlic, paprika and pepper flakes and some salt and pepper and sauté until the onion is
translucent. Add the red bell pepper frying it for a minute then add the cilantro. Pour the wine in the pan and turn
up the heat burning off the alcohol, mixing well and cooking the vegetables until it becomes thick like a sauce.

Add the rice and stir over medium heat until the grains begin to turn chalky and yellow. Squeeze half the lemon
and mix. Add the stock and the peas covering the rice by an inch mixing and bringing it to a boil. Reduce the heat
to a simmer tasting to see if it needs any more salt and pepper.

When the rice is starting to absorb the stock, add the lobster meat, clams and mussels pushing them down into
the rice, hinged side down and tucking the shrimp between them and continue to cook covered until the clams
and mussels are open and the rice is tender and creamy and the shrimp are nice and pink. If rice is not cooked
and getting dry you can always add some more stock or even some water. Discard any mussels or clams that did
not open. Squeeze the rest of the lemon over the entire dish and serve. Yield serves 4