Pretzel Braid Hero


1 Long Pretzel Braid

Several Slices of Each Deli Item or
Any Combination You Like

Tomato slices
Sliced Pimentos
Shredded Lettuce
Black Pitted Olives Sliced
Oil  & Vinegar or Dressing of Choice
Salt & Pepper

Slice pretzel in half length ways to form a hero type roll.

Start layering as much of the deli meats you prefer. I like starting with the sliced cheese to prevent it from getting
too soggy especially if it is going to be made ahead of time. Continue layering meats ending up with the olives,
peppers, tomato slices and shredded lettuce with some salt and peppers if you like. There is plenty of salt on the
pretzel so you may not want to add any more salt.

Now add your favorite dressing or just some oil & vinegar on top. Put the top half back on. At this point you can
cut the sandwich in half or into small bites held together by toothpicks. When cutting the pretzel, slice diagonally
at the twisted points to assure that it stays intact.

Serves 1-6