Everyone knows that a well stocked pantry will always save you time and money when
your cooking. It is important to have a well stocked pantry of perishable and
non-perishable items. A well stocked pantry means inexpensive family meal making will
always be easier when the basics of every recipe are already in the pantry.

We can learn some lessons in frugality to learn from our parents and grandparents who
survived "The Great Depression", especially when it comes to doing more with less,
something most of us are now experiencing. They saved money by growing some of their
own food in their kitchen windows, fire escapes and container gardens. They also came
up with creative recipes, ones that used whatever they had on hand or was seasonally
available at the grocery store. The well-stocked pantry was critical in their day as it should
be ours for today.

Having a well stocked pantry allows you to eat well during the lean times between your
pay checks, but more importantly, it allows you to wait for really good sales to add to your
pantry. This technique can save you more money than any other.

So what is a well stocked pantry? A lot of that depends on your family's eating style, so
below is an extensive pantry list and use it as a guide to make your own chart and to
check off the items that you use regularly to achieve your own well stocked pantry.