Honey-Mustard Ham Steak     


1 ½ to 2 lb Ham Steak                          
¼ Cup of Dijon Mustard
12 oz of Ginger Ale                   
2 Tbl of Honey
Salt and Pepper to Taste

Place ham steak in a covered baking dish or plastic bag covering it
with the ginger ale with some salt and pepper and refrigerate for
1 - 2hrs.

Remove ham from marinade and pat dry. In a small bowl add a little of the ginger ale to the mustard and honey
with some salt and pepper and blend. Brush on the mustard and honey blend on both sides of the ham

On a medium hot grill pan or an outdoor grill, cook ham for 3 minutes and give it a ¼ turn for some good grill
marks and then flip after ham has been on the grill for 5 minutes and repeat process. Remove from the grill and
plate with the rest of the marinade on top. Yield serves 2-4