Every restaurant, diner and hot dog truck owner knows that the best way to make a profit
is to buy food in large quantities. The old adage of cheaper by the dozen is actually a
good rule to live by. Most of us do not have the opportunity to by our food wholesale, but
we can most certainly take advantage of the many buyer's clubs that offer great savings,
especially in larger quantities. For a small membership fee, the savings are tremendous.

Most major supermarkets honor this method of selling food in larger amounts and passing
down tremendous savings to the consumer without membership. For example something
that is $2.99 a pound can possibly be purchased for $1.99 in a larger quantity, and even
cheaper if it is a sale item or they offer coupons for additional savings.

Brush up on your knife skills because buying bigger pieces of meats and whole chickens
save you an astronomical amount of cash especially if you consider all the small pieces
and bones leftover from your butchery for soups, stocks and stews. You can buy a center
cut pork roast and cut it into boneless chops, or a whole fresh ham and cut it into several
large pieces to make several meals and you can't beat making a superb split pea soup by
utilizing the bone.

Buying larger amounts of produce takes different techniques to store because you really
can't freeze them without either cooking or blanching them first for use in the future.
Carrots are especially good to freeze by just a quick blanch. Leafy vegetables freeze very
well if you blanch and drain them first or cook them as a side dish by simply using  some
oil and garlic.

When you make soups, stews or a casserole, consider making double the amount to take
advantage of the lower prices when meats and vegetables are on sale. Not only does it
save you your hard earned cash, but it also saves you time when you just have to pull it of
the freezer during the week when time is short. My favorite is making an extra lasagna or
baked macaroni when pastas and tomatoes are on sale. It really does not take any more
time to make two than it does to make one.

To store all this food you must have the containers or bags to keep them as long as
possible in the freezer. There is a multitude of plastic containers or freezer bags on the
market including the newer method of vacuum sealing by machine or hand pump to help
preserve all your food and they all work, just make sure they are a decent quality so that
you can use them over again.

When it comes to canned goods, always take advantage of a 2 for 1 sale or what some
stores use is a must purchase 5 or 10 to take advantage of the cheaper prices. Canned
goods last a long time in the pantry and are always just plain good to have on hand
especially items like corn, peas, sauerkraut and some prepared foods.

Dried goods like beans are at it's cheapest dried. You can get a pound of dried beans or
lentils for the same price of several ounces canned which has added water and salt and
you get four times the amount. It just takes an overnight soaking not to get soaked by
buying them canned.

What can I say about pastas and grains. Take full advantage of all sales of your favorite
kind of pasta and they literally last forever in your pantry. There is a considerable savings
when it comes to rice if you purchase the larger bags instead of those small 1 or 2 pound
ones. If you use a lot of rice like the majority of the world does, get that 20 pound bag and
it will literally cost you pennies a serving. When cooked, rice freezes very well, just let it
drain if boiled and put it in zip lock bags in portions appropriate to the size of you family.
Just heat it up in the micro wave for a few minutes and it will taste as fresh as the day you
made it, but in a fraction of the time.

So save your coupons, check your circulars and buy as much as you can for the least
amount of money that you can. Cut up, stock up and freeze up so that your family can eat
as well as possible and save as much moola as you can.